4 Secrets to Happiness

What makes you happy?What would make you happy? Or happier?

Most people think they would be happy if they had more money or more stuff. A new car or a better house sounds pretty good to most people. Unfortunately, more money and things will not necessarily make you happier.

Having more money can make it easier to be happy if you are struggling financially. However, there are plenty of wealthy people who are miserable. Having a car might make it more convenient and therefore make you happy if you don’t have to walk or take transit everywhere. While these things may remove some of the obstacles to being happy, but they don’t provide happiness in and of themselves.

When one area of your life is not going well, it is harder to be satisfied and happy in all areas of your life. Health issues, whether they are related to chronic illness or not, can make happiness more elusive. Focusing on what you can control like money or toys may help you change your focus from what is troubling you in the short terms and, yes, even make you happy.

That being said, there are four things that do bring happiness, and the best part is that they won’t cost you a thing. Consider the following ideas:

1. Someone to love. Everyone needs someone (or something) to love. If you don’t think you have someone to love, go find someone. The world is full of people that want to feel loved so it is possible. e all need someone to cherish and care for. Fortunately, the people and animals we genuinely love tend to love us back.

2. Something to do. You want to live with passion and experience what life has to offer. Life is about doing and experiencing things. If you spend your time doing things you love to do, it is much easier to be unhappy.

• Find ways to spend your time in activities that are meaningful to you. Make a list and start incorporating those things into your life. Hopefully, your work is something that you are passionate about. Do things that make your heart sing!

3. Have something to look forward to. When you have something to look forward to the things you have to get done are more likely to get done so that you can do/have/experience this thing.

• Think about something that you would really like to do or see. Maybe it could be something as simple as attending a book club. If you love socializing and reading this may be the activity for you. If book club is on Thursday nights, it can make your Mondays a little easier when you know that book club is coming soon.

4. Using downtime joyfully. Perhaps your biggest challenge is dealing with downtime. When you’re bored, lonely, anxious, or sad and don’t have something to do, it’s easy to waste time and your happiness. These behaviors not only accomplish nothing positive, but they can also make your life more challenging. Things like watching TV, surfing the internet, eating when you aren’t hungry, shopping for stuff you don’t really want or need, drinking, drugs, and more. These things solve nothing and can create more difficulties. Ask yourself why you’re doing this and what other action you could take.

• Coping with negative feelings effectively makes life much easier. Read something worthwhile or that makes you feel good, go for a jog, meet up with a friend and do something fun, make a new friend, or work on a hobby. If you enjoy your downtime and not regret your choices you will increase your happiness.

If you think you’re unhappy because you don’t have enough money or toys, you’re probably mistaken. Giving and receiving love, having experiences, having something to look forward to and ensuring you make the most of your downtime are the secret to more happiness.

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