Networking Etiquette 101

You always want to have a positive first impression. If you make a mistake or faux pas when you network, it can leave a negative impression that could possibly cost you boat-loads of potential connections. Take note of these golden rules of networking etiquette to stay on the right path. 1. Clothing makes the woman…

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LinkedIn Myth-Busting

LinkedIn is a great tool that can help you build a community, increase awareness and ultimately build your business. But many people don’t use it. Let’s look at a few myths that might be preventing you from using LinkedIn. Myth – I don’t need to be on LinkedIn. It’s just for job seekers. LinkedIn is…

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Push Back

exhausted, rest, tired, sleep

  Has this ever happened to you?   You pushed too hard.  Your body pushed back.   The frustration of not having your body do what you need it to do, so that you can do what needs to get done can be overwhelming.  Not because your are weak but because you want so much…

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Dare to Dream

When was the last time you or someone else asked you what you wanted from your life? Can you even answer that question? Many people can’t. There is a reason. You may have forgotten how to dream. When you were little, you might have dreamed of someday becoming a doctor, a fireman, a pilot, a…

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First Impressions

It's time to make a good first impression

I really wanted to make a good first impression if anyone were to read this. I was reluctant to start posting a blog, simply because once I started, I knew I would have to keep it up. I knew from all my research and following the gurus that letting weeks go by without posting does…

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