Love Yourself More to Love Life More

Are you hard on yourself?  Most of us are.  We beat ourselves up for something we said or did or even things we didn’t say or do.  We relive conversations and events and think about what could have been.

Maybe we don’t think we are good looking enough, thin enough, interesting enough.  They all boil down to not feeling like you are, well, enough.

It could be that your self-worth and confidence are so low as to be non-existent. The vast majority of us struggle to accept and love ourselves. The fact that it is a struggle means it is going to take some work achieve that love and acceptance.

As I am sure you know, life is so much easier when you are able to love yourself; to be confident in who you are, in your skills and abilities.

Here are a few strategies to love yourself more each and every day:

  1. Compliment yourself. Make sure you recognize yourself for at least one thing each day.  It can be something that you do or it can be something that you are. You are amazing in so many different ways so make sure that you recognize yourself for it.  There is an important next step – you have to accept the compliment as true and not brush it off.  Remember that you are amazing.  Let yourself know!
  1. Make an achievement log. Sometimes when you are in the middle of “something” it can be hard to remember what it is that you have achieved or accomplished. When you are feeling crushed under the weight of a particular situation, being reminded of what you have achieved will allow you to be more objective. Make a list of all of all of your achievements and add to this list whenever you can.
    •  Take the time to complete this exercise and you will discover that you have accomplished so much more than you thought.
  1. Eat well. Eating in a healthier way means that your body is better able to function. Is there anything you could change about your diet that would allow you to improve your overall health? I am sure that you know what is good for you and what you “shouldn’t” eat. Choose to take care of yourself and let yourself know that you are important by making that choice.
  1. Volunteer. When you support a cause you believe in you benefit whoever it is you are helping and you get to help yourself. Spending time on something you think is important will allow you to feel better about yourself and put a smile on your face. Another benefit is that it will allow you to get out of your own head by turning your focus outside yourself.
  1. Attitude of gratitude. While it is easy to say, being grateful can be hard for some of us. The people around us may have more than we do, they may have more money, a beautiful house, more friends, or even better clothes. These are what I have heard someone call “champagne problems” referring to the fact that you have to have lots of money to be able to even have these problems. When you consider that you likely have a roof over your head (maybe even a really nice roof), a selection of food to eat and an opportunity to work to make money, the concerns and “lack” in your life gets put in perspective. Also, when you are able to appreciate what you have, it is easier to love yourself. Consider all the things and people you have in your life that fill you with gratitude. It’s surprising how much of a great life you already have.
  1. Forgive yourself. We have all made mistakes and likely done and said a few awful things along the way. Holding a grudge against yourself is not a good way to show you love yourself. Every day is a new day to start your life over. Choose to let go of what you cannot change and live in the moment. Who do you want to be today?
  1. Simple small step. You can be even greater than you are right now. Take a small step or make one small change that will enhance your life in some way. Maybe it’s going for a walk at lunch or choosing a healthy meal instead of a burger and fries. Prove to yourself that you can grow and become a better version of yourself.
  1. Do one thing each day makes you happy. It’s your life, so why aren’t you enjoying it? Make a decision to enjoy your life by doing one thing that makes you happy. Start loving your life and yourself.

Everyone has the opportunity to love themselves and to enjoy their life. You are an amazing persona and you may be having trouble seeing just how wonderful. Try at least one of these strategies to increase your self-love and acceptance.  You deserve love in your like – especially from yourself!

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