Technical Training and Business Education

Do you have the technical or computer skills you want and need?

Do you have the technical or computer skills you want and need?

When you know how to do something, you are much more confident about actually doing it. Acquiring the skills and abilities you want or need is a great way to gain more confidence.

Dealing with something new is always challenging.  There are doubts, fears and uncertainty.  You may not feel capable of being able to learn a new skill.  You may question if you really need that skill.  You may try to avoid it or look for another way.


You need to remember that when you believe in yourself and you are willing to learn and grow, you are capable of ANYTHING.

Many people feel intimidated by computers.

That’s okay!

Change is scary for many people and technology is CONSTANTLY changing and evolving.

Maybe you feel ashamed of your lack of knowledge so you hide your ignorance.

Most people agree that knowing how to use technology is important, but lack the confidence in their skills and abilities to use the technology themselves.

Even if they have some knowledge about using technology, most people still only use a fraction of the features in their software applications.  This means that they are not using many features that could save them time, effort and money.

Do you want to learn basic computer skills or upgrade your knowledge?

  • Gain basic computer confidence
  • Use Windows Explorer to manage your files
  • Become familiar with or improve your skills with the main computer applications: Word (word processing), Spreadsheets (Excel), Presentations (PowerPoint), and Publications (Publisher)
    • Create a table of contents
    • Track your expenses
    • Create presentations and marketing materials to wow your audience
  • Learn how to maintain your website or blog without having to rely on or pay a webmaster for every little change (WordPress)
  • Work with graphics using software you already have on your computer
    • Create Social Media memes (images with quotes or statements) without having to learn or buy expensive programs like Photoshop

One on one training is available to help you where and when you need help the most.

Learn at your own pace in a hands on, non-judgmental environment.

If you want to feel more confident using your computer software, contact Vector Catalyst today: or 604-597-4650.